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The following process is based upon a proven, objective search methodology that can be adapted and tailored to your specific needs.

(1) Develop an Understanding of Your Organization and Business Culture

  • We view the success of the search as a result of a successful beginning.
  • We take the time to understand you and your business so well that we become an extension of you.
  • Initially, we make a personal on-site visit and arrange for intensive discussions with client management and other key individuals you may wish to designate.
  • We also develop an environmental profile and analyze the total community for homes, schools, social and cultural amenities, etc.

(2) Define the Nature and Scope of the Position

  • We expand upon what is normally written in a traditional job description to gain a complete understanding of the responsibilities, challenges and desired profile for the role.
  • This assessment stage is very thorough and also includes an evaluation of the personality and style of all management team members and all individuals with whom the candidate of choice will interface.
  • In consultation with you, we then craft these parameters in the form of a written Position Description. This document cements our relationship and clearly denotes we both understand the desired candidate profile. We also share this document with interested and qualified candidates. On every position description you will find the candidate attributes section to include “sense of humor”.
  • We find the candidate fit with the environment to be in direct relation to the overall success. You can take the most successful executive and if placed in an environment not conducive to his/her success, he/she will not be successful.

(3) Methods of Locating and Attracting Your Candidate of Choice

  • Since A+ players are in high demand, they have many options. Remember, they are happy in their current role, doing a great job and gainfully employed. In many instances today they have teenage children and/or elderly parents and are not as free to relocate as in the past. Previously our research efforts could entice people to move for more responsibility and/or more money. That is clearly not the case today. We are working with integrated, multi-faceted individuals.
  • At Billingsly Associates we design a multi-faceted team approach to first locate the best talent and second to attract the best talent. Today, more than ever before, this is a process. An initial, “No, I am not interested” does not always mean no. There is an art to guiding candidates throughout the search process, one step at a time. The initial resistance to change can be managed by the respect of following process, being creative and maintaining the proper blend of momentum.
  • We are continually re-inventing our research process and tailoring new and creative strategies for our clients. What goes on behind the scene is intensive effort. At Billingsly Associates we instill courtesy, creativity and a blend of tenacity and assertiveness. We allow candidates to take the search process “one step at a time” and not feel as if they need to make an immediate decision that impacts their career and family. At the same time we work with our clients to maintain the proper blend of necessary momentum .

(4) Candidate Research

  • We find the best candidates most often require the greatest degree of effort to attract.
  • We initiate a variety of simultaneous research strategies and efforts to locate and attract key executives.
  • We design a search plan of action and select the research team.
  • We create a target list of companies in the same and/or related industries to your own.
  • We conduct original research to identify the key executives within the target companies, including creating organizational charts of competitive organizations. This is the most labor-intensive research effort. It is also the means, which consistently results in the location of many of the final candidates.
  • We contact professional trade associations and identify the most significant contributors, national speakers and national experts in each given area of expertise. We contact them as potential candidates and/or sources.
  • We network with industry experts, CEOs, Chairmen, vendors, consultants, etc. to identify the “crème de la crème.”
  • We always review our database, current resume file, and closed search file to evaluate potential candidates. Given the unique nature of each search this approach serves most effectively as a networking tool rather than direct access to candidates.
  • We research the Internet to identify companies, sources and even candidates. While not always a direct source to our candidate slates, it is a great resource to our effort.
  • We always contact our professional network for potential candidates and candidate referrals.
(5) Candidate Development
  • Telephone Interviews
    During the course of most searches we speak with approximately 150 to 300 individuals by telephone. Career changes, degrees and professional associations are verified. Twenty to thirty top candidates are extensively interviewed and the most qualified candidates are prepared for client presentation.
  • Initial Reference Checks
    Before the top candidates' resumes are presented to you for your evaluation and assessment, initial referencing is conducted.
  • Personal Candidate Interviews
    After we review the resumes with you and thoroughly discuss our findings from the telephone interviews and references, together we select those candidates for an in-person interview. Since the chemistry, fit, family and personal presence are key factors in the selection process of a high visibility executive post; personal interviews are conducted and may last up to three hours. For CEO searches the spouse is also included in the interview.
  • Candidate References
    Before the top three candidates meet with you and your management team, you will receive written reference summaries from a variety of publics excluding their current employer.

(6) Client Partnership

Initially, we will maintain weekly contact, then as the search gains momentum we will maintain almost daily contact with you. We will work with you to include all of your internal contacts in our communication process regarding your search committee members, board members, and regional/national partners. All correspondence will be marked confidential.

Depending on your search needs and time frame; we will offer the following options:

  1. An initial slate of ten to twelve candidates within thirty working days unless the degree of difficulty of the search requires a longer timeframe.
  2. A pipeline approach where you meet with identified outstanding candidates, as they are developed over a course of time.

You will always be able to review our detailed research efforts.

Extended search efforts also allow you to hire multiple executives, called “opportunity hires”

(7) Candidate Selection

Our aim is to present you with a difficult choice between the three top candidates. All of these top candidates will be able to be a top performer. You will make your evaluations based upon the overall integrated fit.

We will be on-site for many of the final candidate interviews and work with you to arrange interview itineraries. We provide a variety of tools for evaluation and guide you with our expertise in final candidate selection.

(8) Offer Negotiation and Search Closure

We work closely with you to design and extend the offer. We inform you of all current compensation package issues, family needs and considerations. We extend the final offer, which is contingent upon a positive reference from the selected candidate's current employer. We work with you and the candidate to create a win/win situation.

And, celebrate the success with you!

(9) Candidate Acclimation and Retention Assistance

We continue to keep in touch with you and the successful candidate(s) on a regular basis. Many times we find the acclimation to a new organization culture can transition over six to twelve months. We follow up with all involved, listen and facilitate the adaptation process.

(10) Long-Term Relationship Building

We are committed to continuing and/or building a long-term business relationship with you and your organization. We are interested in serving your senior level executive search needs now and in the future.

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