The A to Z Career Building and Job Searching How-To Steps Are Now Combined in One Complete Resource.

Chart Your Course BookChart Your Course was created in textbook form after conducting over 30 years of workshops and individual mentoring to thousands of people in career transition - from university students to top-tier executives. In February 2017, to fulfil a university curriculum need these experiences were weaved together to form the CYC book.
The roadmap in CYC begins where other career-oriented books never seem to – at the beginning where some pretty important decisions and attitudes are formed. Once the foundation is in place, the step-by-step map, presented in a series of practices and experiments in “building block” style, builds as each chapter continues. CYC is acclaimed by thousands as the “all-in-one” resource that continues to make significant contributions to their lives and careers.
Through her experience in Executive Search, Dorothy knows very well how uniqueness can prevail and how valuable it is to cultivate an understanding of oneself along with the ability to set one’s own direction.
Whether you’re hunting your first job or your last one, whether you’re seeking greater work/life balance, pivoting to a new career, or simply looking to refresh your resume, Chart Your Course delivers.

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